Ohio Choral Directors Association

Promoting excellence in choral music throughout Ohio.

The OCDA Distinguished Service Award

This award is given to a person who is in good standing of the American Choral Directors Association. This person exemplifies a high standard of musicianship and professionalism and has a record of service to choral music in Ohio and to OCDA. Winners can come from any speciality, discipline and teaching level within ACDA.

Nomination Procedures
The Vice-President calls for nominations from the membership for the OCDA Distinguished Service Award each year in the fall. Call for nominations will be in the fall issue of the OCDA News or in an email to the membership.

Nominations should include the following information:
  • Name of nominee
  • Nominee's address (address, city, and zip)
  • Nominee's phone and email address
  • Nominee's areas of work: indicate Elementary, Middle/Junior High, Senior High, Two-year Colleges, College/University, Church, or Community
  • Nominee's years of experience
  • Statement in support of nominee
  • Your name, phone number, and email

Nominations should be sent no later than December 1 to the Vice-President. The Board’s decision is made at the January meeting and the award is given at the summer conference.

Distinguished Award Winner Recipients

John Leman - 2001
Richard West - 2005
Hilary Apfelstadt - 2008
Ernest Hisey- 2011
Gayle Walker - 2014
Mark Munson - 2018
John Drotleff - 2002
B. Neil Davis - 2006
Maurice Casey - 2009
Lucinda Houck - 2012
Wade Raridon - 2015
Sandra Mathias - 2019
James Gallagher - 2004
Richard Mathey - 2007
Craig Johnson - 2010
Tom Merrill - 2013
Eric Richardson - 2016