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Director of Music

Type: Worship
Organization: The Church in Aurora
Position: Director of Music
Availability: 2021-08-01
Application Deadline: 2021-06-30
Position Title
Director of Music (Part-Time, Non-Exempt)

Purpose of Position
To assist the Senior Minister in providing spiritual leadership to The Church in Aurora through the medium of music.

Reports to:
Senior Minister

Regular Worship and Special Music Programs:
• Provide adult vocalists for Sunday morning worship services. Recruit choir members, and soloists as needed.
• Provide planning and execution of special, non-worship music programs (concerts, cantatas, etc.)
• Research, evaluate, select and obtain music.
• Teach participants. Study music, assign parts, rehearse weekly.
• Recruit and utilize special accompaniment as needed, including identifying and recruiting special instrumentalists.
• Lead vocalists in worship services. Rehearse prior to service, conduct musicians during services.
• Select hymns relevant to the worship theme and/or church calendar.
• Lead combined musicians in worship service. Rehearse prior to service, conduct musicians, during service.
• Other worship-related responsibilities, as determined by the Music Director and/or the Senior Minister

Supervisory & Administration:
• Supervise and direct leaders of youth and/or children choir(s), as well as leaders of the handbell choir(s). Assist with music selection and rehearsal as needed. Schedule performances as appropriate.
• Supervise and direct church organist and/or accompanist.
• Assure musical instruments are in good working condition (handbells, organ, and pianos)
• Maintain music files. Catalog and label all music. Prepare folders and inventory files.
• Maintain music storage room.

Education & Development:
• Research best practices in church music leadership.
• Continually work on self-development by attending relevant music/choir workshops, clinics or seminars, as may be appropriate.
• Evaluate educational materials and incorporate into the church’s music programs as appropriate.

• Bachelor’s degree in music or relevant field (preferred)
• Experience directing church choirs, soloists, and/or handbell choirs
• Confessing Christian and active participant in the Christian life and worship of the church; possess a theologically-grounded understanding of Christian worship and the role of music in that worship
• Perform the duties of the position in a cordial and collaborative manner with all church staff, the congregation and the choir
• Possess a thorough knowledge of good vocal technique and ensemble sound. Demonstrate excellence as a choral conductor.
• Display an appreciation of mainstream sacred music and hymnody, and worship music
• Possess good interpersonal skills, ability to work with a team, and the ability to motivate and inspire.
• Cultivate the spiritual life and growth of the choir and other musical groups when opportunities are presented

Contact Name: Barb Brookhart
Mailing Address:
AURORA, OH 44202
Phone: 3305628266